Like that Special Investigation Team (SIT) which probed illegal mining, the current one inquiring into land grabbing is also ending up being another farce. This SIT has conveniently for over two months been dozing off on the complaint filed against Mandrem MLA Jit Vinayak Arolkar for having  illegal grabbed and fraudulently sold property admeasuring 1,48,800.00 sq. mtrs  at Dhargal in Pernem Taluka belonging to a Senior Citizen.  He has reportedly also illegally created a number of small plots in the adjacent property belonging to a widow. He has merrily in defiance of law fraudulently sold all these plots to various parties by executing devious sale deeds.

The inaction on the part of SIT is obviously because the accused is currently an MLA of the ruling coalition Goa Government and is politically very well connected. Jit Arolkar had in 2001 joined the Goa Police as a constable only to quit within less than a decade possibly after making a huge fortune on land scams which is an issue that had to be investigated by the SIT. Jit Arolkar’s affidavit filed on 28th January this year along with his nomination papers for the Mandrem Assembly Constituency clearly reveals that he blatantly amassed very huge wealth beyond his known source of income.

The Rule of law has gone for a total toss with the selective targeting of political foes being so very blatant. It is now a known fact that if one wants to be insulated from the rigors of law, joining, or even aligning with the BJP is the only way to be in a safe haven, at least temporarily shielded from the long arm of the law and free from ED, IT and CBI officials. Even a dip in the Ganges may not cleanse you of all those sins. Jit Arolkar like many other law breakers has opted for this safe abode.

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