In this great Festive Season, let us all very sincerely pray in an extremely special way to Lord Ganesha, the Vigna-harta (remover of obstacles) to please help ease the never ending sufferings of the poor and needy across Goa.

After having left the entire State with potholed roads in this festive season, may also those obstacles in the path of those currently misruling and ruining the remains of our Goa just multiply manifold. Tathastu, so be it.

Let us cherish the friendship and warmth of friends hailing from all creeds, communities and castes. We are all on a short voyage in this world, the end of which we know not. So let us live and cherish every day we have caring and loving the entire community at large.

The Political arena cannot be about personalities or religious and caste differences. It is much more than that! We need to rectify the decades of willful neglect and stagnation of Goa by ensuring that we have politicians of competence, honesty, dedication, experience and selfless determination above all else.

We must always firmly believe that Temples, Mosques and the Churches besides other places of worship should be our focal points to unite diverse communities instead of creating rifts amongst us. We are after all children of that one loving and extremely tolerant God.

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