In the death of Dr. Joe D’Souza, a former distinguished Professor at the Goa University, our State has lost a persuasive crusader against the prevailing rampant environmental degradation of Goa. He has left us when we needed him the most.

An outstanding Microbiologist that he was, Dr Joe had a thorough mastery on the subject. I remain very indebted to all his vital guidance over a decade ago while battling before our High Court the issue of the very hazardous chemical waste pollution at the Cuncolim Industrial Estate.

Very simple and unassuming Dr Joe never ever complained about his failing health while his concern till his very end was always on the environmental deluge facing Goa. A prolific writer that he was, he never ever hesitated to take on the erring authorities head-on. A fearless exponent on social causes he always was while leading from the front.   

It is a pity that those in power did not heed his advice on many matters within his expertise. In fact, it is a measure of the decay of our public institutions, that even Goa University treated him the way it did — with indifference to him and aloofness towards Goa’ environmental issues. 

May the invaluable contribution and steadfast commitment of our departed Dr Joe be a source of motivation for the youth to work towards being dedicated guardians in preserving whatever remains of Goa. Cry not for Dr Joe, Goa… save the tears for our own fate! 

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