Across the nation and within all political parties the malaise of family Raj seems to be widespread. While in the Opposition, the BJP had always vehemently spoken out against dynasty rule while claiming to be a party with a difference. All that tall talk is now history and they too have joined the mainstream in promoting their very own kin. As politics was meant to be a Mission, representatives at all levels of government must identify, encourage and nurture capable new faces beyond their Parivar to carry on the baton of serving the community.

Every political party must strictly adhere to the maxim of one ticket per family. It would go a long way towards infusing a fresh breath into the stagnant political waters. And of course it would help get rid of the political garbage that has been plaguing the political arena.

No one and no family is indispensable for the wheels of progress and development of our nation to move on. Infact stamping out the concern of family rule is a much needed step in rooting out corruption which will be in the right direction to elevate our nation to great heights from the current muddle.

In Goa the promoting of family Raj has reached a sordid hilt. We have even seen it during the recently held Panchayat elections. A very sad state of affairs with unending political greed on public display.

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