Pramod Sawant should realize that every word he utters he does so as the Chief Minister of Goa. He needs to be prudent, factual and a statesman in all that he says and does. Whether the British or Portuguese looted Goa only history will speak for itself. It is very inappropriate for Pramod Sawant to be thoughtlessly blurting unsubstantiated facts which only renders him as a laughing stock. Perhaps he should try removing the log from the eyes of some of our politicians who have gone from rags to riches overnight instead of removing the speck from someone else’s eye decades later.   

Not so long ago he had also recklessly spoken about Temples being destroyed in Goa. How could the Chief Minister speak without facts and figures? Will Pramod Sawant give us concrete evidence that the Portuguese looted Goa as he now claims? We know for sure how the current Ministers have turned the once noble profession of Politics into a personal investment by looting the State heartlessly and ruthlessly. The corruption, illegalities, neglect and political prostitution today in Goa is all too obvious and at an all-time high.

The world today is evolving as a global village and there is a need to ensure communal harmony and not to create discord between communities. This is a time to build bridges not walls between countries. In making these wild and futile allegations against foreign powers that have had no hand in Goa’s affairs for well over 60 years, is the Chief Minister desperately looking for a scapegoat for the sad state of Goa’s empty coffers under his watch?

Goa has benefited immensely from the infrastructure that has been left behind. An example is the centuries old Panaji-Ribandar causeway. Ironically overlooking it is the BJP built Atal Setu which started crumbling, littered with potholes in just over a year and now stands as a tall symbol of corruption. The Ministers are looting the state and it is for good reason that the Chief Minister is better known as Mr. Property Sawant.    

Pramod Sawant should stop deviating from the truth. This is precisely why nobody trusts in what he says. Politics is about delivering good governance. A good political leader must be experienced and skilled but above all be able to command the respect of others by acting with honesty and integrity. Resorting to cheap, dirty politricks will have the opposite detrimental effect.

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