The law of the land will decide on the legality and fate of that now very controversial ‘Silly Souls Café & Bar’ allegedly being run by Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani’s family at Bhouta Vaddo in Assagao Village.

Smriti Irani should heed the recent appeal to Goans made by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant that they should close their Bars and instead convert them into Libraries. They would in fact be centers of learning to educationally nourish our poorly educated politicians. This is valuable food for thought. The bookshelves could cover a range of subjects from property and licensing law, veg and non-veg cookery and alcoholic delights. Educational but not very lucrative for those that want to make a fast buck at any cost.

We are getting close to knowing the whole truth behind this monstrous ‘Silly Souls’ with all the blatant illegalities coming to light. Other properties including Benami ones owned by other politicians from across the country should also come under the scanner. Enough is enough! It is important that justice must be done and be seen to be done to send a clear signal to everyone without fear or favour that nobody is above the law. If 75 years of independence is to mean anything, then justice and the rule of law is the least that people expect at a time when such irregularities are at an all-time high causing untold misery to those adversely affected.

There is enough room and reason for the CBI, ED and IT officials to swoop onto the land of fish, feni and fun and take the necessary action to restore sanity.

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