From the day of our birth all through our life on every single day, we must give the utmost respect to our very solemn Indian National Flag which means a lot to us all. The reckless politically motivated tamasha that we have seen over the last few days was totally out of place and sickening to say the least. The government has clearly not acted within the parameters of the Flag Code which governs the use of our national flag and prohibits the misuse of our flag which we have seen in the last few days. What a mockery.We do not become any more Patriotic by hoisting the National flag at our houses, on our cars and two wheelers. The solemnity and sanctity of our National Flag was not displayed in accordance with the rules and conventions that protects its use. Instead, it was reduced to a cheap political stunt. 

That ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’a campaign under the guise of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ was reduced to a political affair geared by the BJP and possibly a vehicle for yet another corrupt act. We shall soon find the extent of this scam cooked by the BJP with ulterior motives. Having miserably failed on all fronts in providing the promised Good Governance, the BJP has excelled as an event management company, and the just celebrated Independence Day was yet another testimony. 

Respect for the Flag is much more than hoisting it at elaborate ceremonies. The National Flag represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of India. The three stripes, saffron, white, and green represent distinct values of the country. They are courage and sacrifice, peace and truth and faith and chivalry. Living up to these values means more than superficial gimmicks, gestures or cheap photo shoots.Our patriotism must be lived daily with these values, not displayed on one day a year. Even PM Modi in his Independence address acknowledged that Corruption and Nepotism remain our two main challenges which must be overcome.

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