Is the personal security and wellbeing of the common man any less important than that of the VIPs? That huge police cover given to those rebel Shiv Sena MLAs from Maharashtra who were not long ago merrily politicking in Goa was ludicrous.

In a democracy there can be no room to foment VIP culture. Our elected representatives must serve the people with passion and utmost humbleness. It’s time to stop taxpayers’ money being squandered on providing police security for Ministers and their kin. 

Politicians who are apprehensive about their personal safety should either hire their own personal bodyguards or fade away from public life. Ministers should also stop violating the traffic rules by not over speeding with their official vehicles.

It is absolutely improper that the Chief Minister should be zooming around with three police escort vehicles. And now that unprecedented police security deployed at this official bungalow at Althinho.

Police personnel ought to be deployed for street policing to tackle crime and maintain law and order and not to hover around Ministers who ought to lead by example by living respectfully as common citizens. After all, the primary duty and purpose of a Government in a democracy is to provide security, protection and public services while managing the economy prudently for all its citizens, not just the elite. All lives matter, not just a privileged few!

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