Goa is inundated with rampant corruption at all levels of Governance. From the grassroots level at the Panchayat and Municipalities right to the top, the tale of sleaze and bribery is there for all to see. It is a known fact that in many Panchayats it is more lucrative to be a Sarpanch than an MLA.

On 10th August while we elect our new Panchayat members it is an opportunity for us to attempt to cleanse the political stables at the very grassroots by electing worthy candidates. As these elections are not being held on party lines, let us choose the best from the line up available in our respective wards. We need to prudently cast our votes and not be swayed by whether the candidate is propped up by the local MLA or not.

More Powers need to be devolved to the Panchayats so that our villages become vibrant where the people in coordination and collaboration with the elected Panchayat members work towards prosperity of their respective villages. It is high time that the Panchayats stop being dens of Corruption but now move on to be centers of Good Governance with Zero tolerance to Corruption and Transparency throughout their functioning.

On 10th August we can all make the difference by electing the best and brightest regardless of his or her caste, creed or religion.

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