As so many fraudulent and fabricated Sale deeds are coming to light, it is high time the government strictly regulates the Real estate business in the State.  With any Tom, Dick and Harry posing as a broker there is no accountability and manner of fixing responsibility on the errant in the real estate market.

Every real estate agent must be licensed by the government through a meticulous process after going through proper training and qualifying to act as one by passing the required exam. This would ensure that there would be a level of professional service by those in the real estate business as they would be answerable for any deviation from the required ethics. The real estate business needs to be regulated to ensure that people are not cheated by unscrupulous touts as is happening today. They would be held accountable and forced to act with transparency and integrity by always and consistently putting their client’s interests first.  People would then have greater trust and peace of mind in an industry that is increasingly fraught with scams and a very stressful time for those involved in such transactions.

Once only those licensed are allowed to act as real estate agents there would be accountability and sanity in the real estate business which today is in a state of concern on account of the mess it finds itself in. Government officials must also act with honesty and integrity and exercise due diligence in all land and real estate matters.  A healthy, effective and honest real estate market can only be achieved through Regulation Not Manipulation! 

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