Over the last four decades I have taken up various causes, in an attempt to play my little part in raising a voice against injustice and illegalities. This long voyage of struggling against the powers to be, brings nostalgic memories of that 13 day 1979 student agitation that Goa witnessed for 50 % bus concession. Within days that struggle spread and engulfed across the State and the student community brought the government to its knees to agree to our very reasonable demand. The rest is history.

But last week the raising of the issue of the illegal  “Silly Souls Café and Bar” at Assagao allegedly being run by Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani’s family has been an enriching experience that was unexpected. The issue within a day or two became a matter of interest across the nation and our fellow Indians across the world.

This has been a very strenuous one to pursue but it was heartening as it resulted in the making of so many new friends across the nation. Never expected that so much concern over this illegality would have so spontaneously erupted. It was comforting to see that people care for the Rule of law and are concerned against such abuse of Power by those enjoying political patronage.

Raising any issue is a cumbersome task especially due to the backlash one faces and this has not been an easy one. But all said and done there are no regrets. Yes, it was not a ‘Silly ‘move to hunt this unholy “Silly Souls Café and Bar”.

In the end, I must trust God to protect me, for it is He who has been my guardian and witness.

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