Knocking on the doors of the Temples of Justice should have been the last resort. But sadly in Goa it has become the first stop. With so many skewed government decisions and the State witnessing utter bad governance , the judiciary has to play a very crucial role in ensuring that the Rule of Law prevails at all times.

Justice has to be dispensed with proper application of mind, cautiously yet promptly.Judges cannot please everyone. Justice can sometimes taste unpleasant but has to be swallowed like a bitter pill. Judges have their own personalities and style of functioning. Like all of us, they too are bound to err but as long as the real intent is to deliver justice, no judge can be faulted.

Accepting the position of a judge is a very big challenge. One has to sacrifice one’s personal liberty to a great extent.  This noble task may not be financially rewarding but it must definitely give one the mental satisfaction of having done a noble job. The pecuniary and other benefits of the judicial officers must be enhanced so that the Judiciary attracts nothing less than the best and the brightest.

Judges should be ready to fearlessly take on the authorities for their illegal actions. The bedrock of our democracy is the rule of law and an independent judiciary, which is truly independent. A judiciary that is accountable only to the Rule of Law and never ever succumbs to those in Power.

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