COVID-19 has created havoc across the world not sparing any corner and is far from over. Hundreds of thousands of many precious lives have been suddenly lost.  Even in a very tiny State of Goa so many have departed. We have lost young jewels leaving their family in utter distress. So many families have been left in a hopeless situation with the main earner snuffed so quickly and unexpectedly by that dreaded virus.

The Goa Government needs to ponder and reflect on how best it can reach out to these grieving families in these times of despair. Having been a natural catastrophic calamity the government would have to think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to assist these families struck with sheer grief and financial hardships which they may never overcome.

As one concrete measure, could the government contemplate reserving a certain percentage of government jobs for the surviving family members of COVID? In many cases where the sole breadwinner in a family has vanished, it would be gracious if the school and especially higher education fees are exempted for the children of those swept in the COVID wave.

The Government has to do something concrete for the families of those who lost their lives in the battle against COVID. Paying lip service or mere words of sympathy and crocodile tears will not meet the ends of Justice. People need concrete help and financial support and actions that speak louder than words.  May better sense and goodwill prevail on those in Power.

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