The residents of Panaji constituency which includes Ribandar are currently grappling with crater ridden roads. Now that eye wash by MLA Babush Monserrate asking the Chief Minister to order an inquiry into the hot mixing of those roads comes as no solace and only further rubs salt into the wound. Babush Monserrate is no novice and was totally aware of what was going on and chose to turn a Nelson’s to that utter substandard hot-mixing of the roads.

Instead of trying to now pass the buck, it would have been appropriate if the Panaji MLA had to put in his papers, to make way for someone honest, educated and knowledgeable to take the lead in transforming Panaji into a truly Smart city. Babush Monserrate should have taken a ride across the city on his two wheeler, to have a feel of the harrowing times we are all going through while navigating around the potholes.

Besides the accident prone roads, how does Babush Monserrate justify all the other substandard works being carried out by Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited of which he is an integral part? And after having promised that the city would not see flooding this year, it is misery all over with those pre-monsoon works done by the Corporation of the City of Panaji with his son at the helm all gone down the drain. Instead of having a competent person with experience, the MLA chose to bulldoze his dynasty as Mayor.

In 2019 after promising to remove the Casinos from the Mandovi, Babush Monserrate chose to further allow Casinos to proliferate in the city after they agreed to hire rooms for their customers at his two Miramar hotels. Vested interests prevailed over Panaji’s wellbeing.

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