Besides having good friends, it is all the more vital to be blessed with good and warm hearted neighbours too. By living in a neighbourhood with worthy neighbours, we are privileged. Good neighbours are enormously supportive and make our stay safer and more pleasant. They make a huge difference in the quality of our mutual lives.

Since they live near us and spend more time with us, they are more intimate and evolve as true friends by being of assistance in times of need.

Having good neighbours is imperative as it makes our life in the neighbourhood happier and more fun. It tends to give us that much needed peace of mind. Although we can choose our friends but not our neighbours, we must remember that it is in giving that we receive. We reap what we sow! As the saying goes, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. We should endeavour to be good neighbours to build good bonding with them. Unlike the vast array of good friends, scattered all over the world, good neighbours are true friends on our doorstep and often our first port of call to share information or lift us emotionally, for advice, for help, or even to chat and share a cup of tea. They complement our modern communication on social media with care and a human touch. 

As neighbours can help make our lives much easier, we ought to make friends with them by reaching out to them in a positive and helpful way. By building trust with neighbours and respecting them we become good neighbours and they will respond to our neighbourly love.

Harry S. Truman the late American President, placed great emphasis on living life as Good Neighbours and advised that ‘In order to have good neighbours, we must also be good neighbours. That applies in every field of human endeavour’.

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