In the very untimely death of our dear sister Dr Anyssia Viegas, Goa has lost a much needed jewel that departed so early in life. She was a caring person to all and she worked tirelessly to cheer and motivate our handicapped young brothers and sisters. They have lost a Soul mate who was always a shoulder of comfort to those young mentally and physically challenged.   

Courageous, brave and outspoken, Anyssia, spiritedly braved that deadly cancer despite knowing that it was an unbeatable challenge fighting it even in her last days. Like all of us, she faced many challenges and tough times in life, but so very daringly braved it all.

Having departed to a better world, the fearless Anyssia may be physically no longer amongst us, but her life and the rich legacy of great service to the community especially to our physically handicapped kids will inspire us for years to come.

Dear Anyssia, the good work you have done and the beautiful memories of a dedicated life will be engraved in our hearts for generations to come. May that great Mission that you embarked on, be carried forward, so that the less fortunate are not lost in a care vacuum that Goa is sadly evolving in.  Rest in Peace our Sister, till we meet in God’s Kingdom for better times.

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