Despite our State Secretariat having moved to Porvorim in the year 2000 the Independence Day State flag hoisting function strangely continues in front of the Old Secretariat at Panaji.

In public interest, the Government should hold it at Porvorim instead of inconveniencing the public by holding it at a very congested Panaji. On every Independence Day the road opposite the Old Secretariat in Panaji is closed for traffic and unnecessary hassle is caused to the commuting public. People have to also face this brunt of traffic diversions due to the rehearsals held some days prior to the event.  It is most improper to close a very busy road when there is an alternative and far more appropriate venue.

Along with the Independence Day, the Republic and Liberation Day functions could also be all held at Porvorim. It would be good for security reasons too. Besides, in every State such functions are always held at the Government Secretariat which is the seat of Power.  

May better sense prevail and these State functions be held at the sprawling Secretariat Complex in Porvorim to ensure that the public are saved from all this needless traffic chaos in Panaji. Let us hope the Chief Minister will take an appropriate and sensible decision at least on this issue.

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