The monsoons are here and with the roads across Goa littered with so many potholes, we are sadly witnessing an increasing number of fatal road accidents which is a matter of concern. The thrust of the government should be in urgently tackling the causes of the increasing number of road accidents. Poor road engineering is a cause of many accidents. Government departments and contractors must be held accountable and responsible for poor workmanship as a result of corrupt practices and cutting corners. Those that are guilty of shortchanging the public should face the full force of the law. 

There also needs to be a total crackdown on drunken driving and reckless over speeding. Vigilance by the traffic authorities around the schools and colleges must be enhanced to stop those young unlicensed and rash riders. Cattle squatting on our highways besides the dogs and pigs crossing our roads are also a cause of many accidents, some being fatal.

Nothing more needs to be said about the Atal Setu which is the third bridge across the Mandovi. It is now a monumental disaster which seems to be beyond repair. We were assured that the bridge would last for over 100 years but has been crumbling within just a few years of its rushed inaugural for a photo shoot rather than its credibility.

Maybe it is also high time that our traffic officials are professionally trained on all aspects of proper traffic management and road safety. Road safety is of paramount importance. Government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety. Safety does not happen by accident. It is the solemn duty of everyone to take their own safety and the safety of others seriously. Prevention is better than cure!

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