The manner in which Administrators to the 175 Goa Panchayats have been appointed is yet another calculated step towards bad governance by the Pramod Sawant government. It has made a sheer mockery of the Panchayats. The government in a deceitfully well planned move has postponed those elections to circumvent the proper functioning of the elected bodies and has conveniently installed pliable administrators, some of them of very low levels of experience at its command.

In the appointment of these administrators there has been no norm or criteria with even some Junior Stenos and draftsmen now also in charge of the Panchayats when some senior officials with administrative experience should have been asked to don the mantle. Why couldn’t the existing Sarpanches be asked to hold the fort till the elections are held which should be done at the earliest possible.

In another skewed move with oblique motives the government is all set to bulldoze and destroy our old-age institution of Comunidades. Prompt and deterrent action in accordance with law must be taken against those encroaching and grabbing Comunidade land. Sadly this blatant usurping of land is going on in broad daylight with political patronage while the guardians of law merrily turn a Nelson’s eye. Very severe action must be taken against officials abdicating their bounded responsibility. Those indulging in financial misdemeanour should not be allowed to continue in service.

The government machinery needs a shake up by concerned citizens to usher in an administration that is responsive to the people’s aspirations. We need to cut through the dry rot that has engulfed and is eating into the public administration system which has just stopped delivering.

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