Football in Goa seems to have lost the steam of yester years. The Goa Football Association (GFA) in conjunction with the Goa Football Development Council must do everything possible to reclaim the game’s past glory. We are well past added time or extra time to restore the glory that our popular sport urgently needs.  

With the elections to the GFA scheduled for next month, Churchill Alemao despite having crossed 70 is desperately and frantically craving control of the GFA for another term. That too having a criminal case against him which as per the GFA regulation Art 27 (f) is a direct disqualification from holding any post.

With the GFA elections round the corner Churchill Alemao has once again raised the bogey of whether the Bandodkar Gold Trophy was of gold or gold plated. While as MLA he had raised this issue in the Assembly and the government decided to order an investigation while Churchill did nothing to pursue the issue. Now he has chosen to wake up regarding that issue for obvious reasons.

The All India Football Federation regulations and the Model Sports Code mandate that once you attain the age of 70 you cannot continue as President.

For the sake of Football will Churchill Alemao gracefully hang up his boots and make way for someone young and capable with real appeal to lead and take a now sagging sport forward.  Someone with soccer experience and appeal, who is really dedicated to making a difference with good governance and by encouraging and supporting our youth to enjoy the popular game with a burning passion and desire for success.

Having already had a ball of a time, on what grounds is Churchill Alemao wanting to hang on?

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