The Ribandar- Chimbel Junction has been a death trap for too long. How many more precious lives will have to be lost for the authorities to awaken? Ironically, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant regularly zooms across this road which sees heavy flow of traffic and chaos at the junction which is very accident prone. It is about time that the work of the flyover is done which has been in cold storage.

The Traffic and Transport authorities while penalizing those violating traffic rules must also ensure that they regulate the free flow of traffic. The Atal Setu Bridge was inaugurated in 2019 but there is still traffic chaos under the bridge at Panaji due to lack of proper signages. It is so confusing for locals and one can imagine the plight of tourists navigating on this road.

At many busy intersections across Goa we see vendors and hawkers squatting and making the roads further chaotic. There is a need to relocate them to avoid accidents at these junctions.  Stray cattle and dogs even on the highways are also the cause for a lot of accidents.  

Proper road engineering to ensure safety is of paramount importance. Government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety. Safety does not happen by accident. It is the solemn duty of everyone to take their own safety and the safety of others seriously.

Goa is now known as a gambling, prostitution, drug and crime haven. Let our concerted efforts be to save it from being an accident destination too.

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