My association with Public Interest Litigations (PILs) goes back to over four decades. By petitioning relevant authorities, moving the High Court and even knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court, I have succeeded in taking up various issues of public interest. I feel humbled that some of my Public Interest Litigations have impacted the civic and political life in the State of Goa. It has been worth battling it out as my efforts have not been in vain.

My debut in public life began in 1979 when I was very privileged to be part of that 12 day very vibrant and successful State-wide student agitation demanding a blanket 50% bus concession for all students.

Over the years,  I have never hesitated to take on the powerful and mighty over a wide range of issues. From senior politicians to well-connected bureaucrats, I have not shied away from tackling them head on.  In taking up social causes, one has to be ready for harassment and retribution by the Government of the day. I have faced it all during the Congress rule and now under the BJP regime but nothing has deterred my commitment and pledge to fight fearlessly. While penning down my memoirs, the chapter on all those PILs will definitely be a very long one.

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