School and College students must be encouraged and motivated to focus on a lot of reading and writing. This would enhance their knowledge and also help trigger their thinking process. Students are our future and they must be moulded to be guardians and watch dogs of Goa. Each one of us in our small little way can contribute for the betterment of Goa and its people.

Our students carry the hopes and aspirations not just of themselves but of their families and the entire state and nation. It is therefore imperative on the state to provide full support to our dedicated teachers, students and their hard working parents.  The late Whitney Houston’s words ‘I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside’ should be taken seriously.

We need to be alert to any wrong doings by those in power and authority. This needs to be fearlessly exposed and in doing so the RTI Act is a handy tool that we should all use to confirm the illegality or any act of corruption we suspect. Social media is a powerful weapon to instantly create awareness across the world on an issue we feel strongly about. We also need to share amongst our groups and friends all posts that we feel would be of use to our fellow brethren.

Substandard public works being the order of the day, citizens should be vigilant that every work being executed with public funds must strictly meet quality standards. By putting a little extra effort we can all make our Goa a better place for all. Let us not shy away, as this is our bounden duty. We owe it to our land.

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