The month-long monsoon Session of our Legislative Assembly which is due to commence on July 11th will, in fact, be the first session for those 19 newly elected MLAs.  This session will reveal whether they have the capability and the much needed potential to be articulate legislators. It won’t take long for voters to realise if they have voted wisely or if they have shot themselves in the foot with their choice of MLA.

The Opposition MLAs should vociferously expose the wrongdoings of the government, but nothing stops the ruling party MLAs from also courageously and fearlessly voicing out issues concerning the people.

In preparation for this session, hopefully the MLAs will do their appropriate homework and proper research to participate in the proceedings productively.

We elect Legislators to debate issues concerning the people and to enact good laws. The Assembly is the democratic forum where MLAs must hold debates on issues that affect the people. It is a forum for MLAs to discuss government policy, proposed new laws and topical issues of the day. Debates are designed to assist MLAs to reach an informed decision on a subject.

The Government must not attempt to stifle debate as it is anti-democratic. It ignores the aspirations and best interests of the people and leads to a more dictatorial style of government with poor laws, lack of accountability, scrutiny and transparency.

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