Following elections there are always political casualties who have to bear the brunt as they are made scapegoats. After the Assembly elections held this year one of the casualties was the Chairperson of North Goa Zilla Panchayat Kartik Kudnekar who was reportedly summarily summoned to the BJP headquarters in Panaji and directed to sign on the dotted line his resignation letter which was kept ready.

As Kartik Kudnekar was performing extremely very well as head of North Goa ZP for the last 17 months, the BJP has a lot to explain as to why they axed him suddenly, even more so as he has been a grass root BJP Karyakarta for many years.  No party or Government should stoop so low to show ingratitude to those that have tirelessly served the people and State. Is it any wonder that we fail to attract the right people and of the highest calibre into politics?

Kartik Kudnekar has a spontaneous nature of helping anyone and everyone and must continue the good work of assisting people in distress. May the shabby treatment meted out to him, not dampen his spirit of serving the needy. Let his shoulder be a source of comfort to those suffering and in need of a Good Samaritan to assist. Hope the tribe of the likes of Kartik Kudnekar grow and spread across Goa, it being the need of the hour. They are a beacon of hope. The BJP should realize that when it shuts one door, God opens another.  

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