Advocate General (AG) is a very high Constitutional authority and is expected to be extremely honest, sincere and competent in giving fair legal guidance to the State Government in formulation of its policy and execution of its decisions. He must give appropriate advice, always uninfluenced by political considerations.

Several Advocate Generals in the country have been accused of wrong doings but alongside those controversial ones we have had some outstanding ones too.

J M Thakore, Gujarat’s Advocate General since 1960 was India’s longest serving Advocate General. He worked under 27 state governments and 13 chief ministers, intersperse with five spells of President’s rule. He had the unique and remarkable distinction of holding the post as AG from the day the State was formed till his death, a period of over forty years. His fierce independence, dedication to the profession and unimpeachable conduct ensured that successive governments of widely differing political ideologies continued to have him aboard.

The late H.M. Seervai, an outstanding lawyer, jurist and scholar in constitutional law was AG of Maharashtra for 17 long years with great distinction, achieving an exceptional stature by his inflexible integrity, strong courage and conviction. As AG from 1957 to 1974, Seervai maintained the high standing as he was not a political appointee. Governments came and went but Seervai was not called upon to resign. His total disconnection from politicians and politics was his greatest strength. He dedicatedly defended Government in Court but declined to defend government policies which he felt were against his convictions.

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