That ‘Lifetime Cabinet Status’ status is something unheard of even in the history books; perhaps never bestowed on anyone, ever across the world. At least in India this unprecedented phenomenon appears for the very first time. And it’s happening in Goa, the land of Fish, Feni and Fun. No wonder Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had said “Ajeeb hai Goa ke log” (strange are the people of Goa).

The Court will decide on the legality of this huge bonanza by way of ‘Lifetime cabinet status’ gifted to Pratapsingh Rane. As this has all been malafidely cooked up with political motives, I would have failed in my duty if I had not challenged this mega abuse of Power. The government had the nerve to mislead Goa by falsely claiming that Pratapsingh Rane had completed 50 years as MLA when factually he hadn’t. History and records should never be distorted.

Besides an official car, free travel and accommodation at the cost of the state, the 83 year old Pratapsingh Rane will now for life be entitled to 18 staff at his service. Two Officers on Special duty , one Advisor, one Under Secretary,  two Private Secretaries, a Personal Assistant, three Junior Assistants , two Computer-cum- telephone operators,  two drivers and four Multi Tasking staff.  

All this will cost the taxpayers a couple of crores every year. A huge burden on a State that is already reeling in financial crisis while borrowing hundreds of crores every month to make ends meet.

The doctrine of “no-work-no-pay” is a fundamental axiom at any work place but will not apply to Pratapsingh Rane who will reap all these rich benefits while having no work whatsoever to do. God Save Goa.

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