We need to be alerted to the disturbing, sickening and senseless public discourse over religion that Goa is currently witnessing. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves witnessing the seeds of disharmony being mischievously sprouted in our peace-loving Goa. If immediate steps are not taken to nip this malady in the bud, we may reach a point of no return.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has to crack the whip with an iron hand against all those trying to create needless fissures in our otherwise tranquil society. We need some concrete action as there can be no room for double talk. No one however well connected should be spared whilst disturbing our secular Peace. Action against such elements has to be swift and merciless, acting as a deterrent. The law must take its course against those creating rifts amongst us.

Peaceful, secular and in communal harmony we should always thrive and live as a harmonious community as we have always been.

The world is grappling with enough problems and Peace is the need of the hour while those trying to disrupt it should be conveyed a stern message.

Saint Francis Xavier has, is and will always be the Patron Saint of us all regardless of our caste, religion or creed. Goa’s wellbeing and the happiness of all our fellow brothers and sisters should be our paramount and only concern.

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