Did it need a rap from the High Court for the authorities to swoop into action against that rampant illegal sand mining? The law enforcement machinery is duty bound to be ever so vigilant and act swiftly against all illegalities.

The unbridled hill cutting and filling of low lying fields is also a crime against nature and our environment which is going on undeterred with political patronage. We all know which Ministers and MLAs are themselves land sharks involved in amassing property by dubious means. The Chief Minister himself is better known as ‘Mr. Property Sawant’. Will the legislators including the Ministers care to live up to that solemn oath they have taken to uphold the realm of law.

It has to be the sincere and concerted effort of every government official to ensure that they do not succumb to any political or external pressure while discharging their duties. They must unfailingly only respectfully bow down to the Rule of Law at all times.

It is expected that our Chief Secretary and DGP will do everything possible to ensure that there is Zero Tolerance to any illegalities. Given the sad state of affairs it may be a far cry, but we owe it to Goa.

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