The impoverished beneficiaries of the Dayanand Social Security Scheme have not received their monthly pension since January this year. Amidst these very troubled economic times it must be so distressing for those elderly to be without their Rs 2000 pension for over four months which was supposed to be hiked to 2500 from the 1st of this month. Delaying this pension is an unacceptable situation and only reflects the very bad state of governance. The state government has been mismanaging the State coffers with misplaced priorities while pushing the State into bankruptcy. Yet another sign of a very incompetent administration.

The salaries and pensions of Ministers and MLAs can wait but it is incumbent that the government ensures that the pension of these elderly poor and needy is paid unfailingly on the 1st of every month. The Chief Minister needs to take fundamental responsibility of protecting and seriously helping these Senior citizens.

Competent politicians who believe in Good Governance act on real urgent issues affecting the people, whereas good actors portray their art and skill of a make-believe world. Will the government first deal with the real world before making any plans for dealing with a make-believe world. The public interests and good must always be paramount and must always prevail!

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