We need to support any good decision taken by the government which is for public good.  But those in Power need to be rapped hard on their knuckles for any and every move orchestrated with vested interests in mind and ulterior motives rather than in the best interests of the people.

As part of the world’s largest democracy, by definition, the government is run by the people and must be of the people by the people and for the people. This means that the government has a duty to protect and provide for its citizens to ensure that their needs are met. Government must be transparent, accountable and answerable to the people for every decision and every move it makes as anything, and everything done has to be always for the welfare and best interests of the public. It would be prudent that every major decision being contemplated by the government should first be aired and discussed in the public domain and with their representatives.

Every step by the government has to be feasible and well thought through financially, legally and equitably with no ambiguity or undisclosed nasty surprises. Projects of any kind must be for sustainable development, for the sole benefit of the public and not for personal development or personal gain. There must be zero tolerance to a waste of scarce resources and abuses of any kind.

It was outrageous that the current Agriculture Minister Ravi Naik who happens to be a former Chief Minister had the nerve to state that Goa had the means to export drinking water to the gulf countries despite knowing fully well that many parts of our state are parched. That very announcement by this Senior Minster put in question his senility and his motive.

It is also very imperative that the legality of every decision being taken be first examined by the government. With most decisions taken by the government facing a legal challenge and many projects that turn out to be scams or abuses of the Exchequer or planning regulations or shoddy workmanship, it does not augur well for the government of the day.

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