After his dreadful three year term as Chief Minister, nothing much can ever be expected from Pramod Sawant’s second innings. He has already started with horrific statements that smack of communal disharmony with a divide and rule policy.

Pramod Sawant should realize that Goa has lived and thrived as a very secular haven. Goans will not allow anyone to disturb that precious Peace and Harmony which identifies Goa and Goans from the rest.

Pramod Sawant may be under intense pressure from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to steer their communal and hate agenda but he must realize that Goans will not take it lying down.

Politicians and more importantly the Ministers have to be able to honestly and truthfully communicate with the people for which good language skills are vital. It would have been expected that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant over the years would have cared to take a crash course in English, it being the universal language.

Within the current cabinet undoubtedly Vishwajit Rane tops for being very fluent in Konkani, Marathi, Hindi and more importantly English. No wonder he had staked his claim for the CM’s Chair. But he got derailed for not having the much needed RSS Roots. However the Sultan of Sattari continues to eye that throne. With that threat looming, for Pramod Sawant it will always be ‘Bhivpachi garaz asa’   

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