After clinging on illegally as Chief Minister for the last many days, Pramod Sawant is now officially back in the saddle.

It was very insensitive on the part of a government which for long has been on a monthly borrowing spree to make ends meet to have needlessly squandered all those lakhs and that too on an incomplete swearing in ceremony of the cabinet. Pramod Sawant for political constraints has left three berths to be filled at a later date which only shows that all is not well in the BJP led coalition. 

Was such a huge expenditure justified on this State sponsored 18 minute Political Jamboree? The public was also put to great inconvenience due to all that traffic chaos.

It is very unfortunate that no lady was inducted, besides Pramod Sawant showing rank disrespect to the Supreme Court Judgment chose to induct as Ministers two with very serious criminal cases pending against them.  Mauvin Godinho is the main accused in the 2001 infamous multi-crore Power scam while Babush Monseratte is the prime accused in the 2008 Panaji Police Station attack case and also currently facing a criminal trial for having raped a minor girl. Is the public expected to hold such leaders in any respect?

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