For most of the 40, getting elected at the Assembly elections held on Valentine’s Day was a hell of a job. But the bigger task at hand now will be for these MLA’s to successfully perform as Legislators to the satisfaction of their constituents.

In a democracy the role of the Opposition is even more crucial as it is their responsibility to ensure that there are no excesses or abuse of authority whatsoever by those in Power.

This Assembly has 19 first time MLAs who will have to put in an extra amount of effort to perform and deliver what was promised to their constituents. Some of these have excelled enormously in their own fields and all that experience would definitely be of help while they embark in this new avatar. Of the remaining 21 who have all been earlier MLAs, many to their credit have performed well, and all that legislative experience will make things much easier, giving them time to assist nurturing legislative skills in their first time MLA colleagues.

I have never had the occasion to interact or even meet with 13 of the 40 new MLAs whose performance it would be interesting to observe as they are all first timers. Hope they inculcate the right values and don’t pick up the wrong tricks of the trade. In all that they do, may our 40 MLAs be always inspired and guided by Goa’s first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar and our first Leader of Opposition Dr Jack de Sequeira, our two immortal heroes.  

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