Goa will today witness the much delayed swearing-in ceremony of the Chief Minister and his cabinet being held in contentious circumstances.

After the Chief Minister having been selected by the Delhi leaders, the list of cabinet Ministers has also been finalized by the BJP High Command and Goa is set to be now run by Delhi which will ensure the further destruction and devastation of what remains of our beloved land.

On the occasion of this official solemn function being needlessly and pompously held at Shama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium, besides the very exorbitant expenditure, we will today have to bear the brunt of traffic chaos all over. With almost the entire police personnel deployed for this occasion, today most police stations and their outposts will be staffless.

In the manner in which official functions are being organized it looks like the BJP is more in Event management than rendering Good Governance.

Infact the BJP a decade ago on 9th March 2012 held the swearing in ceremony of its government at Sports Authority of Goa grounds in Campal, which function cost the State exchequer a whopping Rs 10, 91,782 of which Rs 66,000 was spent on 222 kgs of peddas, Rs 93,120 on water bottles while Rs 48,000 on 6000 batata vadas and another Rs 48,000 on the 6000 vegetable patties. We will soon know how much today’s extravaganza is costing the taxpayers. Public funds cannot be squandered in this manner especially with the State coffers empty.  

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