The queer situation of Goa not having a constitutionally sanctioned Government for quite many days is entirely due to Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai’s questionable role   amounting to tampering with the Constitution, wittingly or unwittingly. 

Goa Governor Pillai by an order issued on March 21st notified acting Chief Minister Pramod Sawant as Goa’s Chief Minister. Furthermore, in the same order the Governor stated that Pramod Sawant shall assume office from the date he is administered the oath of office and secrecy. Will the Governor please tell us who is the Chief Minister of Goa from March 21st till Pramod Sawant takes oath?  So Goa currently neither has a Chief Minister nor is it under Governor’s rule, which means that all decisions taken this week by Pramod Sawant and the files signed by him is all illegal.  

Why is Governor Pillai repeatedly allowing the Constitutional provisions to be breached? If Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari  in Maharashtra and Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar  in West Bengal can be questioning and scrutinizing the  manner in which governments there are functioning,  there is no reason why Governor Pillai should be blindly signing at the dotted line.

Besides what is stopping Governor Pillai from advising the Chief Minister designate not to hold the Swearing- in- ceremony at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium as it will be projected as a BJP function with party flags decked all over as we have earlier seen at many government functions, an act which is improper and impressible.  The solemnity of the Swearing- in- ceremony cannot be breached.

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