Lifetime Cabinet status to former Goa Chief Minister Pratapsingh Rane was all hurriedly approved and notified within a mere 24 hours. The Pramod Sawant led Cabinet on the afternoon of 6th January this year decided to grant lifetime cabinet status to Pratapsingh Rane. The proposal was swiftly processed by various officials and notification to that effect was quickly issued the very next afternoon on 7th January and published in the Official Gazette that very same day racing the Model Code of Conduct which came into force the next day on 8th January.

Was the required prior approval of the Finance Department taken in view of the fact that the granting of lifetime Cabinet status has a financial implication on the State Exchequer? The notification of lifetime cabinet status to Pratapsingh Rane is absolutely illegal, patently unconstitutional being without jurisdiction and a very blatant disgusting abuse of Power.

It is an unwarranted heavy financial burden on the State exchequer as by virtue of cabinet status Pratapsingh Rane is entitled to over a dozen staff besides an official car, office and all other benefits on par with a Cabinet Minister. A fraud on the Constitution of India as it violates the spirit and intent of the 91st Amendment to the Constitution meant to restrict the size of the Cabinet.

This lifetime cabinet status was accorded hurriedly without proper application of mind by the Pramod Sawant government with vested political motives in rank contravention of law and to the detriment of the State exchequer. This personal handout at the expense of the taxpayer is not based on any laid down criteria under the Constitution of India but instead a golden handshake for favours received by the ruling BJP party. It is very appalling that despite State coffers being empty, the government has acted so very high-handedly in bestowing lifetime cabinet status to Pratapsingh Rane in absolute breach of law.

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