In keeping with the democratic principles the Chief Minister should be chosen by the elected MLAs of that party and not foisted upon by the High Command of that party. If need be the election of the Chief Minister should be done by secret ballot. This would ensure that the Chief Minister will be the one who enjoys the maximum support and trust of the ruling party MLAs. It is incumbent that the Chief Minister also inducts the best and brightest into his cabinet so that the State is ably geared with proper and good governance.

We elect MLAs to debate issues concerning the people and to enact good laws. The Legislative Assembly is the democratic forum where our elected representatives must hold debates on issues affecting the people. It is an opportunity for the MLAs to discuss government policy and proposed new laws. Debates are designed to assist MLAs to reach an informed decision on issues concerning the State.

That in recent years the quality of the debates has deteriorated is another issue. Unfortunately our Ministers and MLAs have been contently inaugurating culverts and public toilets with breaking a coconut at the hot-mixing of roads becoming their hobby.

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