While it is commendable that Benaulim MLA Venzy Viegas and Velim’s Cruz Silva have not fallen prey to crumbs of Power, it comes as no surprise that Curtorim’s Reginaldo Lourenco under the garb of development of his constituency is desperately trying to grab a cabinet berth in the BJP government.

That an MLA needs to be a Minister to serve his constituents is a misconception. Ministerial berth is however required only for Personal Gain. After all that political straying Reginaldo Lourenco finally decided to stand as an Independent and got re- elected. After repeatedly branding the BJP as communal and corrupt, Reginaldo is set to lose all his Independence joining the BJP Government, a party which he had said he would never want anything to do with. This now gives credence to that video in which he was seen coming out of a starred hotel in Panaji with BJP leaders after that midnight meeting on 22nd November last year.

Does he not know enough by now of BJP’s use and throw politricks? Once in the BJP govt, the Curtorim MLA will be a caged parrot, voiceless and muzzled. He will have to toe the BJP line to continue as a Minister while he undergoes the process of being saffronised.

Reginaldo should realise he cannot take people for a ride as joining the BJP Government is as good as joining the party itself. Having been politically unstable he will end up being a further laughing stock.

During this election campaign he begged for forgiveness for his earlier serious errors of judgment. This time the people will be less forgiving as his motives are all too obvious for craving to be a Minister in the BJP Government.

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