The reported news that Goa Governor P. S. Sreedharan Pillai on March 10th after the Goa Assembly election results had telephonically called a ruling BJP candidate to congratulate him on his victory is a matter of concern.  If true, it was a very unacceptable and improper act by Governor Pillai.  Something unheard of.

It would have been a different situation if the Governor had called up all the 40 elected to applaud them and even possibly condoled and consoled the losing candidates too.

As custodian of the State,  the Governor must in all his acts and deeds be absolutely non-partisan while not demonstrating even the faintest sign of having breached the established protocol which he needs to strictly uphold at all times.

If the reported news of him calling up that winning candidate is not true, the Raj Bhavan needs to clarify and set the record right.

On last October 2nd Governor Pillai graciously announced that the Goa Raj Bhavan will start adhering to the RTI Act which it was not complying with for over a decade. Governor Pillai must ensure that this lifting of that veil of secrecy which enveloped Raj Bhavan is done in letter and spirit and not merely on paper. It will ensure the much needed Transparency and Accountability in the functioning of our Raj Bhavan.   

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