It might not have been a very clear mandate but the BJP with borrowed clutches has managed to retain Power while Pramod Sawant himself struggled to make it to the finishing line. The TMC and AAP were fairly successful in their mission of splitting votes to the benefit of the BJP.

Those twelve who in 2019 had defected might have got a judicial reprieve, but except for three the rest were put to pasture by the voters. In Panaji and Taleigao the money just flowed and in Ribandar it was a flood. But we have to commend Utpal Parrikar who gave a spirited fight within the few days he had at hand. Did having no rape charges and not attacking a Police station work to his disadvantage?

Some new faces this time promise to be a beacon of hope. Leading Advocate Carlos Ferreira who had the distinction of having been Goa’s youngest Advocate General and the very prominent Ophthalmologist Dr. Chandrakant Shetye are some of the proven bright stars who have made it.

The resurgent Congress must now act as a very vibrant Opposition and keep a watchful eye on the Government. Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardessai who has always been a Congressman at heart must contemplate merging his outfit where the genes are. It is also time that the MGP’s Dhavlikar brothers realize that their cottage industry is limited to Marcaim. Even Jit Arolkar’s victory was on account of his personal charisma and social work.

It will now have to be seen if the BJP adheres to the Supreme Court advisory that persons facing criminal charges should not be inducted into the cabinet.

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