Once the votes are counted all politricks and politicking of that election must end. The candidate elected must be representative of all the constituents.  There should never be any sort of revenge, retribution or highhandedness against those who worked against the winning candidate. Everything that happened during that election campaign must be buried deep under and the person elected should act as a statesman by reaching out in a special way to those who worked against in that election. Once the election results are declared everyone should work in unison for progress and development. The other candidates who were in the fray must also continue serving the people as they promised and not disappear only to surface after five years.

It is high time that minimum education is also mandated by law for all those contesting elections. Persons aspiring to be MPs and MLAs must at least be a graduate. That would also enhance the quality of debates in Parliament and at the Legislative Assemblies.

India’s political turf must evolve and change for the better. Those in power must govern with sincerity, precision and foresight. The role of those in the Opposition is all the more important as they need to be alert watchdogs to ensure that there is good governance at all times, free from Corruption and Nepotism.

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