Children must be thrilled that their schools have finally recommenced after this long drawn pandemic on account of which they were stuck with distance learning by way of online classes.

Nothing can ever replace classroom education and the role teachers play in personally moulding our future in the Temples of Education. For this we always need to remember them with gratitude.

Great teachers can make a big difference in our lives, for besides making a lasting impression in the classroom they can have a positive influence in our life. Teachers are more than mere educators. They also play a role as a dear friend, counselor and mentor especially in these challenging times students face. All this can never materialise through online teaching.

Fond memories of our dear teachers must forever linger. A regular teacher may merely direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire, guide and challenge us to carve out our path in life.

We should always remain humbly and heavily grateful to all our dear teachers who impart us all the knowledge and guidance that helps us immensely throughout our lives. To them all, we should very respectfully be ever indebted.

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