It is very annoying that over the last many years various fraudulent and fictitious complaints in my name are being filed before various authorities across Goa. Equally concerning is the fact that various RTI applications continue to be deceptively filed in my name.

Some years ago, I had gone through great pains to write to the heads of all departments to make them aware and to take note that all my correspondence including the RTI applications to any authority is always on my letterhead and never on plain paper. But this menace sadly continues while the authorities have not been able to nab the persons forging my signature.

On 8th July 2010 acting on my complaint the Panaji Police had registered an F.I.R under sections 419, 468,469, 471 and 420 of Indian Penal Code against the then Labour Commissioner who had fabricated my letterhead to make a representation dated 10th June 2010 to the Chief Minister in my name that she be promoted to the post of Labour Commissioner from the post of Deputy Labour Commissioner that she was holding. Acting on political pressure the police hushed up the case which would have been a deterrent to others indulging in such fraudulent acts.

Our identity is our most valuable possession and must be protected. Every care must be taken to avoid such abuse and those that commit these fraudulent acts must be apprehended and dealt with the full force of the law. Equally those in authority who turn a blind eye to such serious breaches or worse still in collusion must be dealt with in equal measure. If we don’t act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victims of identity theft. But with many having criminal antecedents sitting in the seat of Power the rule of law will never be upheld.

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