Today being the last day for withdrawal of nominations, we would know the names of the candidates remaining in the fray in the battle for these 2022 Assembly elections.

For those who were unable to contest these elections on account of being infected with COVID-19 or other constraints, there is nothing to fret about as they could roll the dice in 2027 or possibly earlier if our Legislative Assembly crashes.

In the next two weeks provided for campaigning, it would be an exciting fortnight to witness. Keeping in view the looming pandemic it is however hoped that for everyone’s health and safety,  the candidates would sensibly opt for digital canvassing to avoid the spread of the virus which seems to be showing no sign of respite. It would be handy to communicate to the voters through social media or telephonically.

It is also imperative that the Election Commission officials ensure that the polls are conducted in an utmost free and fair manner. Every government employee must ensure that he is non-partisan in the discharge of duty including the teachers of government aided schools.

More than the results of any election, what is paramount is that the entire electoral exercise must be beyond reproach.

Given the track record of the manipulative BJP it may be a far cry, but we should strive to ensure that the constitutional provisions in respect of conduct of elections is rigorously adhered to. We shall know it all on Feb 14th when Goa goes to the polls on Valentine ’s Day.

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