Faced with the unbearable stench of the present day political broth in Goa, one might have hoped that the trusted old chef would try to stir the pot for a better concoction. Alas! the cook himself has fled, trusting it all to the BJP crooks.

The long political era of Pratapsingh Rane finally comes to a disgraceful end. The longest serving legislator could have exited the political turf with grace, demonstrating statesmanship instead of all this needless hide-and-seek game that we were made to witness over the last few weeks.  It is unfortunate that he marred his reputation at his very fag end and will now be remembered mainly for this sordid deed and the perverted reasons.

Goans across the world may be working hard cleaning toilets to earn an Honourable living, but does Pratapsingh Rane want us to believe that he has realized that he is aging and has clocked 87 years only a day ago.

Of the 40 MLAs in this current Assembly now only around ten can expect to be re-elected. In 2019 when those 12 MLAs defected to join the BJP they were given a solemn promise that they would all be given party tickets at these 2022 Assembly elections. Most of them have belatedly realised how they were fooled and taken for a ride. A very short lived party — rather, orgy — it turned out to be after flouting and betraying the people’s mandate given to them at the 2017 Assembly elections.

The Judiciary has miserably failed to promptly give its verdict on those disqualification petitions which have been hanging, first, in the Supreme Court and now at our High Court. This is very unfortunate as justice delayed is justice denied.

Now all that matters is how the people decide to teach these defectors a sound lesson for having breached the people’s trust and resorted to political prostitution of the worst order. Will we ever learn our lessons?

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