In a glaring case of gross abuse of Power, a BJP leader from Vasco, Deepak Naik, has manipulated the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC)  and managed to get a piece of land leased out at the Panaji Kadamba Bus Terminal in total violation of the law.

As Director of the Kadamba Transport Corporation Deepak Naik got the KTC to pass a resolution leasing land for setting up a Tea stall HARMAN CHAYAWALA in the name of his very close relative Tejash S. Kochrekar.

This ground plus one structure has been blocking the pathway and compromising the safety and comfort of passengers using the Panaji Bus Terminal. Incidentally Deepak Naik who is the former Chairperson of Mormugao Municipal Council is now the Chairman of Kadamba Transport Corporation.

He also managed to get a loan of over 16 lakhs for this Tea Stall swiftly approved under the Chief Minister’s Rozgar Yojana scheme from Economic Development Corporation headed by Goa BJP President Sadanand Shet Tanawade.

Despite many complaints by various organizations, the KTC has failed to act against this Tea Stall. Let us hope the High Court will act against this gross illegality and restore some sanity in Governance.

This time it will have to be not only Deepak Naik but that all those KTC and government officials who connived in this fraud, who should be subject to the rigors of law. The long arm of the law must catch up with those abusing and circumventing the law of our land.

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