The Supreme Court has so very rightly expressed deep concern over the irrational freebies being promised by some political parties in the run up to the ensuing Assembly elections to five states including Goa.

Fortunately, the voters of Goa are very astute and mature and will not be carried away by such political chicanery.

We all know that Goa’s State exchequer is absolutely bankrupt and in total doldrums unable to even take care of the current social schemes. To add to this raging financial mess the Pramod Sawant government over the last few months has with corrupt intent hurriedly tendered and initiated many non-priority projects which is all going to be a further huge financial burden that the next government will have to inherit. Be it State or Central funds, it is all taxpayers money which needs to be judiciously spent and accounted for.

Election eve gimmicks and cheap politriks will not work at least in Goa. Just before the last feast of St Francis Xavier we saw how AAP’s Amit Palekar high jacked the people’s struggle against that monstrous illegal bungalow built by a central BJP leader within the protected heritage area at Old Goa. Amit Palekar tried to fool us by going on a phony stage managed fast unto death but his evil designs were soon exposed.

The silence of Union Minister Shripad Naik on the issue is deafening with his son Siddesh Naik craving to be an MLA from that area at the ensuing elections. The voters will not spare such insincerity. 

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