Former Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco’s claim that he financially suffered in politics seems amusing.

The facts speak for themselves. Contrary to his claim now, his own earlier affidavits reveal the truth, that he became richer after every election. In 2007 when he first contested he stated his total assets were seven lakhs. In 2012 assets rose to over a crore (Rs 1, 16, 12,443). And in 2014 when he contested the South Goa Parliamentary seat his affidavit stated that assets were over three crores (Rs 3, 14, 53,008) while at the last Assembly elections in 2017 it rose to over five crores (Rs 5, 17, 50,599).

Over the years I have been observing Reginaldo’s performance as MLA very closely, all the more because I am a great grandson of Curtorim myself.

I am not at all surprised at this political betrayal by him. The notion of his being an outstanding MLA is a misconception. And his jaded performance could possibly be on account of his inadequate education. Reginaldo who is just a matriculate, after some years joined Fr Agnel’s Polytechnic where he wasn’t able to complete his diploma and the reasons are best known to the burly former Curtorim MLA.

One could observe that he was never politically stable. In recent months though being officially with the Congress he hobnobbed with various political parties and even had that post midnight meeting with the BJP in a starred hotel at Panaji where he was caught on camera. He finally dived into the Trinamool Congress. Whether he sinks or survives in politics the astute voters of Curtorim will soon decide. But ironically he is now under his former arch rival Luizinho Faleiro who he had branded as an old grandfather and who he had persistently advised to retire from politics and take to babysitting.

But from a lakhpati to a multi-crorepati it has been Reginaldo Lourenco’s crafty political journey to a galloping financial Independence.

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