In a total collapse in the administration, over the last few months we have been witnessing a blatant defacement of public property across the State. A sheer display of political wealth and absolute arrogance making Goa a shoddy defaced poster and graffiti state.

The Goa Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1988 is a very stringent law, making such defacement of property a cognizable offence. But the authorities, who are required by this law to act firmly, have conveniently abdicated their bounden duty. Good governance has never been a feature of this government, but to have allowed things to get so bad is inexcusable.

While the Election Commission officials chose to look the other way, the two District Magistrates have also conveniently opted to remain mere spectators while not exercising the powers vested in them in this deliberate breach of law.

It was the responsibility of the authorities to crack down with a very heavy hand against these barefaced violators who needed to be punished for all this gross defacement of State property.

What is further highly objectionable is that in this highhanded defacement even the roundabouts in our cities and villages have not been spared despite these having been erected to facilitate unobstructed view to the circulating traffic. Absolute disregard to the regulation of traffic and safety of commuters.

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